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Bird Nest Chocolate Cake

01/27/2012 | Cake Decorating Ideas | birds nest

Looking for a great cake options for a spring party or for a wedding or baby shower? Try baking this adorable bird’s nest chocolate cake.

Bird Nest Cake Idea

Bake two or three layers of your favorite cake according to package directions (chocolate cake from Duff Goldman by Gartner Studios is recommended, of course). Cool layers after baking. Frost between layers and stack.

Using a small knife, carve out a slight impression in the top of the cake to create a “nest.” Chill cake.

Make a ganache for frosting the cake. Heat 2/3 cup heavy cream until hot (do not boil). Remove from heat. Add 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips and let sit for five minutes. Mix well until smooth. Cool until slightly thickened. Gently spoon ganache over cake. Let it run down the sides and into the nest area until the cake is entirely covered. Clean up any excess that may have dripped onto the serving plate.

Using a chocolate bar and potato peeler, make a nest by gently peeling the edge of the chocolate bar onto a paper plate. Arrange the shreds into the impression at the top of the cake. Hey – it’s a nest!

Make cake pops (pre-baked, crumbled cake mixed with frosting) and shape cake pops into eggs and chill in the fridge. Melt blue dipping chocolate. Carefully dip the chilled cake pop eggs into the melted candy coating and place onto wax paper. Refrigerate to set and then place into nest.

Finish the cake by piping a reverse shell border around the bottom edge of the cake. Use a pastry bag and #18 star tip.