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Paper Fortune Cookies

01/27/2012 | Baby Ideas | fortune cookies

Delight your guests with unique paper fortune cookie favors from Gartner Studios. So…how can you make these yourself? It’s easy with Gartner Studios Personalized Chinese Fortunes. Buy online here or find them at craft stores nationwide, such as Michaels.

Paper Fortune CookiesWhen you bring your paper fortune cookie package home (item #50039), you’ll be able to print personalized “fortunes” yourself with the paper provided in the package on your home printer using our templates. The message could be a fortune or it could be personalized thank you for each guest, a favorite quote, song lyrics, or more. Great for weddings, parties, baby showers, and more. Use your imagination and have fun! Next, assemble the fortune cookies. You will find brightly colored paper circles in your package. So, how do you make them into fortune cookies? Simply follow the steps below.

paper fortune cookie step 1

STEP 1:  Fold paper circle in half.

paper fortune cookie step 2

STEP 2:  Insert the printed slip of paper – your fortune.

Paper Fortune Cookie Step 3

STEP 3:  Using your index finger, apply pressure on the center of the paper, gripping the top and bottom with your thumb and middle finger. Slowly fold in half.

Paper Fortune Cookie Step 4

STEP 4:  Secure fortune cookie closed using the double-sided tape
included in the kit.

These paper fortune cookies are a fun, festive, modern, and creative way to And with our paper fortune cookie kit from Gartner, it’s easier to DIY now more than ever. Have fun!

Click on the link to the video below to see how fast and fun making these paper fortune cookies can be!

 Video: How to Assemble Paper Fortune Cookies by Gartner  Studios