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Certificate Template Search

How do I find the template for my printable product?

1. Locate the BARCODE on your product

2. On the packaging of your purchased printable product there is a barcode, generally found on the back of the product packaging near the bottom *

3. There are 10 large digits in the barcode. Your template search number is THE LAST 5 DIGITS of that barcode, also known as your SKU number. Enter those last 5 numbers on the barcode into the search field box on this page.

4. After your product has been found, click on the corresponding link(s) to download the templates you are seeking. Your product may have multiple templates available.

5. The template downloads as a Microsoft Word document and can now be saved on your own computer.

6. Personalize your message and print at home.

We do not recommend running our envelopes through the printer to prevent paper jams.

Need additional help printing or have questions? Visit our FAQs page to answer common questions you may have.

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