Duff™ Cake Decorating Airbrush Machine


Create professional results with Duff's airbrush machine. This lightweight air compressor is portable with adjustable air pressure, and an airbrush, hose and AC power adapter. Works great with Duff cake stencils. Duff airbrush colors sold separately.

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Duff™ Cake Decorating Airbrush Machine

Customer Reviews


Can someone make something in this country that isn't made like crap?

Review by John Meola on 9/11/2015

I bought my wife this machine a few years back and the first one broke within 2 uses, using it exactly like it is designed to be used. After dealing with customer service, they finally sent a new machine, which broke after only the first time it was used. When the 2nd replacement came and again broke, Duff himself got involved and sent another new machine which has now also broke after only 2 uses. I would NOT recommend this machine to anyone. It is a good machine in concept, but when you are trying to fill orders that call for the use of it every so often and it won't dispense the food coloring, you may as well throw it in the trash, being that is all it's worth.

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