Ivory + Gold Foil Border Certificate


Present awards in classic style. Great for awards, recognition and acknowledgement that are sure to become keepsakes. Contains 10 8"x5" award certificates on 80# card stock. Custom print-at-home with our templates.

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Ivory + Gold Foil Border Certificate

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A nice certificate in a rare small size

Review by Carolina Geo on 8/16/2015

I had been looking for award certificate paper, but not in a full-size style. Most award certificate paper is 8.5" by 11", but this is 8" by 5", which fit my needs exactly. It's a reasonably heavy stock that works well in my HP LaserJet printer. The gold border is attractive, but not ostentatious. If I had a complaint, it's that the border can be a little off-centered in some packages. I've bought four or five of these packages, and in one, the vertical orientation of the border was a little off balance. Still, the fact that it comes in a convenient smaller size trumps that minor quirk. Thanks, Gartner!

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