Printable Water Bottle Labels


Create your own unique personalized water bottle labels for your event. Custom print-at-home with our templates. Labels are approximately 8.5 inches by 2.5 inches.

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Printable Water Bottle Labels

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Review by Katharine on 7/1/2015

I'm not the type of person to leave nasty reviews on products, but this product was honestly so awful that I just had to say something to protect all my fellow bride-to-be's out there!

I beg you: don't waste your money on these! I literally don't have one positive thing to say about these labels.

My first impression of these as soon as I opened the package was the horrible smell that accompanied the products. It wasn't just one package, either - I bought six packages of these!

Second, I thought that it was odd that water bottle labels wouldn't be laminated somehow. I'm not sure how that would work with printing if they were laminated, but regardless, this product shouldn't even be on the market if it doesn't actually work.

Third, the designs you get with the water bottles are awful. Don't be deceived by the cute labels on the packaging! Expect very low quality.

Fourth, and I never thought I'd say this, the labels were actually too sticky! It was impossible to get them to lay flat on the water bottle and not bunch up. Mess up a water bottle? Too bad! If you try to peel it off to retouch it a little, the whole thing is ruined.

Fifth, and this is my BIGGEST complaint....the ink literally wore off once people started using them! I had almost a hundred guests at my wedding with pink ink covering their hands. There is no warning against this or instruction on how to prevent it. The water bottles were not refrigerated or put in ice (I knew better than to do this since they were not laminated). The ink came off because of people's sweat, I'm guessing, and that's just ridiculous.

Again, PLEASE do not purchase these labels for any reason. They are so, so awful.

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