Silver and White Pocket Invite


Includes 80# white cardstock invitations with silver accents, jackets, response cards, printable tags, ribbons, direction cards, and coordinating invitation and response card envelopes. One extra of each printable item included for print testing. Print invite, response and directions cards, and printable tags, assemble and mail! Custom print-at-home with our templates. PLEASE NOTE: this product will require extra postage due its square size. BRIDES® invitations are also available at Michaels Stores nationwide.

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Silver and White Pocket Invite

Customer Reviews


Formal yet simple to DIY

Review by xoxoJulieMarie on 5/9/2016

These invitations may have not been what we initially thought (ie: too formal) but they turned out PERFECT! Everyone keep asking where we ordered them from! And to think, a trip to Michael's and knowing our printer was all it took!
We purchased 3 sets (90 invitations) and the "hardest" part was figuring out how our printer would print based on how we feed the paper!
IMPORTANT: Make sure you customize the page dimensions based on the How to Print instructions. For our printer, we also had to set the page dimensions.
NOTE: Don't be afraid to experiment with the font sizes. We found out that some things, like the tags, allowed for a larger font.

It is simple, but you need to truly pay attention to what you are doing in order to not get frustrated or do something wrong.

This is the worst product I have ever had the misfortune to purchase. Ever.

Review by Anne Saldutti on 8/3/2015

Under no circumstances should anyone ever buy this product. Ever.

The most heinous and ridiculous part of this product is that you can neither print nor write on the envelope. This company should be absolutely ashamed of this.

Furthermore, getting the template to print is a nightmare. Between my fiance, me and my future in-laws 40 hours have been spent on this project. If you hypothetically assume that our time is worth $10/hour, that would come to $400 in labor for this product. Do not buy this product and spend $400 on something that you can actually be proud of.

Shame you on Gartner Studios.

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