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Mail Merge Help

07/14/2015 | Ideas |

You can use Microsoft Word’s MAIL MERGE function with many of our products; including place cards, address labels, and business cards.

To do this, you will need:

* the template for your item

* our MAIL MERGE instructions relevant to your version of Word.

Download and save the version of our instructions from the PDF attachments below that best corresponds to your version of Word. (To check what version of Word you have, launch Microsoft Word, and click on the HELP menu to choose “About Microsoft Word.”)

Important things to remember: –In most versions of Word, you will start from our template. –You will need to use the <<NEXT RECORD>> field along with your merge fields to tell the merge to update for each new card or label.

The key to using the template for mail merge is to open the template during the mail merge process. Then, you should customize one label with your merge fields. From there, you would copy and paste the merge fields into the remaining labels (the ones with the example text). Please review the mail merge wizard instructions below for further assistance. The exact steps will vary from version to version of Microsoft Word. The following work best with Microsoft Word.

First, download and save the template to your desktop.

Then, launch Microsoft Word, and open the template in Microsoft Word, go to:


• Click on NEXT…Starting Document

• Under “Select Starting Document”– Use Current document

• Click on NEXT …Select Recipients

• Select Recipients Data Source (Browse for your spreadsheet, etc.)

• Click on NEXT STEP… WRITE YOUR LETTER (you may have to click this twice) Set up the merge fields…

• Highlight ONLY the 1st cell of sample text

• Insert your Fields (First Name, Last Name, etc.) — these can be found under “More items” or in the Mailings toolbar under “Write and Insert Fields<< Insert Merge Field”

• Then, place your cursor AFTER the text fields you inserted (First Name, Last Name, etc.). On the top toolbar, click on the “Rules” button (top right corner of the “Write and Insert Fields” section of the Mailings tab). From this drop-down list, click on the words “Next Record”. You should see <<Next Record>> inserted after the name fields you inserted on the first field.

• For example: <<First Name>>, <<Last Name>>, <<Next Record>>

• Then copy and paste this one cell’s information into all remaining cells with sample text on the first page of the template. Do not paste the information into the blank cells. Delete the remaining pages of the template, if necessary. (To do this, highlight the following pages, and then right-click to select “Cut”)

• Click on NEXT … Preview Your Letters (Edit if needed).

• Next: Complete the Merge. Use “Edit individual letters” to see the entire document, and make any formatting changes.

For further assistance with your mail merge, including video how-to clips, please use the following web address below.

Click here for Microsoft’s Mail Merge Instructions link