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print-help-word-iconWORD DOCs –  CREATING A CUSTOM PAGE SIZE:
Some printers will not automatically detect the Page Set-Up settings from your template. In this case, you will need to adjust the “paper size” setting manually under your printer’s settings to configure it for printing to this custom sized sheet of paper.


ClICK HERE to See a step by step video of how to create a custom paper size or you can follow the instructions below:


To do this, open the template and click on FILE<< PRINT in this box, click on the PROPERTIES or PREFERENCES button.A new box will open up which will contain the various setting options within your printer.

Search in these tabs for the following settings: Locate your paper size drop-down box (this may be in an “Advanced”, “Features” or “Paper/Quality” tab… it may be also be called “Resizing Options”)– it is likely defaulted to letter size.

In the drop-down box or just below it, select “CUSTOM/User Defined” and enter in the width and height of your paper. This measurement can be found in the Page Set-up (FILE<< PAGE SET-UP), or by measuring this item with a ruler.

*****You may need to name/save this setting. Be sure after defining this size, you also select it. Some printers will make you exit and re-enter the Properties/Preferences to be able to select a newly defined size.

******* You may also need to check the CUSTOM setting in the Scale to Paper Size drop-down box found on the initial screen of FILE >> PRINT in order for the custom size to register with your printer.

Please test print your project to make sure you are happy with the final alignment. You can make additional test sheets by trimming a plain sheet of paper to the size of your project. If you are having problems setting the paper size, please consult your printer’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for further help.


 We are currently updating all Microsoft Word templates to personalized downloadable PDFs. Older products will be supported by a Microsoft Word template/s, and our new products will be supported by a personalized  downloadable PDF.



When working with our custom size paper you will need to set up a custom size paper setting. Below are our step by step directions for setting up a custom size page set up for our Personalized PDF’s. You will need to create a custom paper size of 5 x 7(this just an example – dimensions will vary per product) in your printer settings. Please follow the directions below. Please also note that directions could vary from printer to printer.


1. Once you have completed your template click “Download Printable PDF”
2. Next click the printer icon which is located in the lower right hand corner
3. At the very bottom click “Print Using System Dialog”
4. Make sure the correct printer in selected
5. Once the printer is selected click “Preferences”
6. Click “Features” (If you don’t have a features option you will want to be looking for a “Paper Size” option
7. Click “Paper Sizes”
8. Arrow down to “Custom”
9. Enter in dimensions of your product (5 x 7)
10. Click “Save” or “OK”
11. Print