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Pearl Border Print At Home Wedding Invitation Kit

Color: Ivory

Our classic print at home invitation kit is a blank canvas for your personal touch. Smooth, heavy weight paper and a shiny embossed border create a polished look that will impress your guests and serve as a frameable memoir of your special day. DIY invitations have never been this affordable and easy to use at such a quality of design.

  • Includes: 50 invitations, 50 invitation envelopes, 50 response cards, 50 response card envelopes, extra pieces for test printing, etiquette sheet with wedding invitation wording ideas
  • Special treatments: foil-stamped, embossed
  • Invitation size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Response card size: 4.25 x 5.5 inches
  • Brand: Gartner Studios
  • Paper: 210 gsm, heavy weight 80lb cover stock
  • Printer compatibility: laser and inkjet

    Customer Reviews

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    Good deal, but be prepared for a few things

    These are tips if you order this product, and not all of the tips are a negative comment regarding Gartner's product - just issues that should be considered:1. The envelops are very plain. I had much nicer envelops made using Stardream Quartz paper, which is beautiful. Unfortunately, since the invitations are not a true stark white, it is difficult to order an ivory" or "cream" envelop that is lined (so more elegant) and ensure that is matches. I went to an art store called Sam Flax and they made my envelops for me. a little pricey but much much more elegant look. They were not lined envelops but definitely two steps up from what comes in the kit. Gartner's did not have a different envelop option to match other than that provided.2. Caution: Edwardian Script font in the template is beautiful but cannot be used in Microsoft Word to make Roman numerals for names. My fiancee wanted his name to have 'II' in his name because he doesn't go by "Jr" and the Edwardian font was beautiful for the every part of our names except this...long story but there is no easy fix for this at all using Edwardian Script font. You can still change to a different font of course!3. If you need additional cards just be aware. I wanted an "information" card to provide my guests with parking instructions etc. in addition to the response cards included in the kit. I called Gartner and spoke with a lovely customer service rep who provided me with the product number of the All Purpose cards that are supposed to look exactly like the response cards. Unfortunately and this is my mistake I did not check the order immediately when it arrived. These cards are quite noticeably darker than the original package. It is too late for me to return at this point but they are also perforated so I'm concerned about how smooth the edge will be when I pull them apart. We'll see.4. Don't completely trust the templates. The response card template was not labeled as such but included the RSVP verbiage. I just had to keep opening templates to find the verbiage. Also double check the paper size and margins.5. You can attempt to run the envelopes themselves through your printer but I did not. I was concerned about jams. If you decide to use labels (this was my original game plan) remember that the actual colors are not stark white so a white label is fairly noticeable. The clear labels that I tried to print smeared fairly easily. I finally went to a professional local printer.6. If you decide not to print at home but to design your invitation yourself and then print elsewhere some places will not print on paper that is not purchased from them.Customer service has been quite lovely and the actual invitation and response cards are simply elegantbut tackling these issues was quite challenging and became the most frustrating part of my wedding preparations! Start very early!"