2018 has felt like the year of weddings, especially with two royal weddings under its belt. With so much hype, you may be thinking, “How can we top 2018 weddings?!” The good news is, there’s never been more options and ideas for planning your own wedding. With 2019 quickly approaching, here are just a few of the trends we’re loving for making your special day a memorable experience for both you and your guests.

Dessert Walls

Over the past few years, dessert tables have been one of the biggest wedding trends. This year we’ll see this trend continue to rise as well as the addition of dessert walls. This is a great way to think outside the box and offer unique options such as custom desserts, donuts, pretzels, cotton candy, and more to your guests. Dessert walls are a great way to give your guests the ultimate experience planned around your favorite treats and the possibilities are endless! As well all know, you can never have too many doughnut flavors. We’ve found a fun way to label the doughnuts so your guests know which tasty treat to select. Use wooden chalkboard signs to flavor label and show some beautiful calligraphy.

We’ve also brought in this helpful article for some added inspiration on how to pull off a doughnut wall at your wedding! If you're looking for some extra-fun ideas, here's a way to use a cake topper in a less traditional fashion that will go with your doughnut wall. Take a few of the donuts off the wall and have them sitting on a plate, with these silver glitter cake picks right on top!

Mixed-Metal Bands

In past years, mixing metals was often frowned upon. Today, it’s one of the most popular trends, especially when it comes to engagement rings. While white gold and platinum bands have been popular options in the past, many brides will be opting for warmer tones this year. Rose gold, yellow gold, and two-toned bands will be popular choices for brides in 2019. You can shop these popular styles online on site likes Blue Nile, who offer a wide-range of unique engagement rings in a variety of metals.

Once you've picked out your new mixed-metal wedding bands, you'll want to make sure you have a safe place to keep them. Your new wedding rings will forever hold a special place in your heart, and they also deserve a special place in your home. Our gold foil Mr. and Mrs. wedding ring holders are just that. Make sure you always have a place to set down your gorgeous new rings and never forget where you set them down with these holders!

Banquet Tables with Natural Tablescapes

Long gone are the days of seating your guests at traditional round or square reception tables. Couples are now opting for long banquet tables for their receptions. This creates an inviting atmosphere for your guests and also encourages them to mingle. As far as table decor goes, brides and grooms are dressing their tables with low centerpieces made of greenery. Small touches of moss, fern, and ivy are a great way to add a natural, but vibrant look to your table decor. Placing candles among the greenery will give a romantic glow all throughout the table and make your guests feel the love all night long. Use our paper lanterns to illuminate the night with soft, twinkling lights.


Bows are big on the bridal scene for 2019. While bows have always been a popular option when it comes to wedding dresses, this year we’ll see bows are no longer just a way to define a bride’s waist. They’re now being used to tie a bride’s entire look together. Whether you’re going with a minimalist look, with a feminine bow tied at the back or making a statement with dramatic bows on the sleeves, we’ll surely be seeing a lot of bows this wedding season!

Using beautiful bows doesn’t have to stop at the bridal gown however. Use fun and glittery pieces as décor! Our Gold Glitter Adhesive Bows work as chair backer decorations, table setting pieces, or as an addition to wedding favors.