1. Shaped Sticky Notes - Keep it all organized with this set of three sticky notes that feature fun morning deliciousness designs. Keep at the office or home.

2. Washi Tape - Our fun brunch themed washi tape is a fun way to add a little flair to the your desk. Pair with our cork taper dispenser for an even cooler look!

3. Graphing Paper/Drafter's Tablet - Classically styled, the drafter's tablet features gold-tone hardware with a micro-perforated graph paper notepad and metal backer. The minimal style makes this tablet perfect for drawing and sketching for classes.

4. Keychains and Travel Sets - Accessorize your keys and your luggage! With our bright, colorful adorable key chains and travel sets, you'll be able to spot all of your items right away.

5. Personalized Notebooks and Notepads - A modern note-taking essential for the school year. With our selection of personalized notebooks, you'll be the talk of the school!

6.Sticker Packs - Stickers are a great way to make your student's notebooks and folders really show their style. They can also use the stickers on the 40 pages express themselves.

7. Fun Waterbottles - Don't sweat, SPARKLE! Stay hydrated in style with this leaf motif deigned water bottle to sip, sweat and repeat. lazyload

8. Cute Pencil Cases - Leave no pen behind with our adorable selection of pencil cases. Choose your favorite pattern from our fun collections! lazyload

9. Inspirational Pencils - Can't forget your pencils! The traditional style 'Make Today Count' assorted pencils all feature different color foil and matching erasers. They look great on your desk and gives you the motivation to keep going. lazyload

10. Planners - Make sure you never miss a single activity this school year! Our selection of planners include tons of space for school assignments, school activities, and your personal agenda! lazyload

11. Listpads + Notepads - For notes, lists, doodles and paper airplanes. Our lists and notepads are perfect for keeping track of everything during the year. lazyload

12. Decorative File Folders - Filing papers doesn't have to be boring. Shop our collection of file folders to add a little more fun to your desk space. Keep all of your important papers organized with these fun and bright file folders. Don't forget to check out the matching accessories! lazyload

13. Acrylic Scissors - Add sleek sophistication to your desktop or workspace with these heavyweight scissors that feature gold toned shears, acrylic handles and accommodate both left and right hands. lazyload

14. Cork Items - Check out our new cork collection! The cork material is perfect for adding our fun pins and patches. Personalize your desk space in a fun and easy way! lazyload

15. Acrylic Desk Organizer Pieces - Shop our trends! acrylic is always in style and adds a touch of sophistication to your desk. Our stunning and versatile acrylic pieces add sleek style to your desktop and allows you to customize the way you stay organized. lazyload

16.Comp Books - Is there anything trendier than journals with metallic lining? Nope! Our journals feature foil, metallic, holographic and so many other finishes! Stand out in the crowd this year! lazyload

17. Acrylic Stapler - Heavy cast clear acrylic combined with gold toned hardware will lend a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic to your work. The elegance and durability of our Acrylic Stapler is sure to enhance any workspace. lazyload

18. Oversize Notebooks - These oversize notebooks come at a miniature price! Check out our sale and these russell+hazel notebooks. They are extra big to fit everything that's coming this school year. lazyload

19. Smart Pocket Notebooks - Finally, a notebook that is as organized as you are! Our brightly designed pockets create a place to store loose notes with your notebook. lazyload

20. Sassy Cats - nothing could be more fun this year than decking out your supplies with grumpy, sassy kitties! These cats give life (and some attitude) to your school supplies! lazyload

21. Holographic Notebooks - Our playful notebooks sport fun little touches of holographic foil. Our notebooks are ideal for your desk, note taking, or making lists of what you need to do today! Get 'em while they're hot during our Back to School sale! lazyload

22. Inspirational Sticky Notes - Whether you need to flag it, jot it down, or save it for later, these sticky notes will make it easy to remember! Use them for journals, calendars, planners and your desktop; these super-sticky reminders will help keep you organized (and looking good doing it). lazyload

23. Mood Calendar - Liven up your locker or your desk. Have fun with the bold colors, shining gold foil and clever quotes of this playful mood calendar. Use it standing up on your desktop or hang it up for everyone to see! lazyload