Not to be a buzz kill, but budgets do enter into the wedding equation – literally! A budget is essential in planning your wedding. If you don’t document what you plan to spend and actually spend, you could end up paying far more for your wedding than originally thought.

Remember, these numbers are just averages and may not reflect your priorities. For example, you may want to splurge on catering, and save on photography. Set up your budget so that you're spending money on the things that really matter to you and your fiance.

To start creating your budget, you need to know what you're working with. Determine who will pay for what. You may opt for traditional roles of who signs the checks or do whatever makes sense for your individual situation. Once you've got the number, you can start allocating portions of the budget to each area.

The best way to stay on budget is to stay organized and keep track of your spending. Our wedding planner contains great budget worksheets to help you do that. You can also download the budget tracker here: 

Two final things to keep in mind: 

-What determines your costs more than anything else is the number of guests you invite. 

-Don’t forget about tipping – an often overlooked cost.