We’re always looking for ways to add unique DIY touches to simple wedding projects. One of our current favorite wedding trends is metallics, so we came up with a way to add an extra dose of gilded shine to one of our favorite wedding invitations. This was really simple to do, and we are so happy with the results! It gives a really luxurious look to a very affordable invite. Follow the steps below to add a gilded gold edge to your wedding invitations, or any stationery!

Gather your supplies. You will need:

  • Stationery of your choice. We used our Gold Dot Invitation Kit
  • Metallic gold permanent marker OR
  • Metallic gold ink pad
  • Newspaper or other covering to set stationery on while it dries

Hold the invitation so that the edge is facing up at you, and carefully line the edge with your marker or inkpad. If using an inkpad, we found it works best to slide it along the edge of the paper rather than “stamping” it on.

gold edge invitation diy

Work your way around the entire edge, taking extra care at the corners.

Lay the sheet on newspaper or other covering to dry, so you don’t smear the ink.

And that’s it! A few tips: while it’s tempting to work with several invites at once, we found the results were more patchy and prone to smear when we tried that. It’s best to take your time and do one at a time. We also found that working with a metallic gold ink pad gave a more shiny and striking gold foil look than the metallic gold marker, although both worked nicely.

This technique could be used on any stationery at your wedding, from the edges of the place cards, menus, thank-you’s, etc. It could also be done in any metallic, like silver or rose gold, or another signature color you’re using at your wedding. We love the idea of using a bold color like red or navy to edge your stationery.

gold edge invitation diy 

What do you think? Would you add a gilded or colorful edge to your stationery? Come chat with us on social @gartnerstudios