On November 15th, Gartner Studios had the pleasure of partnering with Twin Cities Mom Blog for a 'Mom's Night Out Event' in the Twin Cities. The activity we chose to bring for the attendees to do was a Lavender Sleep Sugar Scrub. This activity is so easy and a perfect DIY for a relaxation night at home. Everyone loved the activity so much, that we've brought it here to you in this blog post!

First, we've gathered all of the ingredients that you need for this activity.

You will need the following:

Gartner Studios Glass Favor Jars

Gartner Studios Personalized Sticker Seals

Johnson's moisture wash (the purple bottle)

Mixing Bowl

Baby oil

Red and blue food coloring

Plastic spoon


Next, take your jar and fill it to the top with sugar. Then, pour the sugar into the mixing bowl.

Next, you will pour a cap of the baby oil into the mixing bowl. Then, pour three squirts of the Johnson's Moisture wash into the mixing bowl. Stir everything together until it is all mixed, but the texture is still a rough scrub. You can add in more sugar until you achieve the texture you want.

Next, you add in the food coloring! To achieve a nice lavender purple, add one drop of each color.

The final step is to pour the scrub into the favor jar, and then place your monogram seal on the lid.


Now that your DIY sleep scrub is ready to use, all you will need is a movie and your comfiest pj's for a perfect night at home!