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  1. Blush & Gold Foil “ Plan, Pause, Reflect” Daily Reflection Journal

    Take time to reflect on your thoughts, this can be a great way to see what you want to focus on and areas that you’ve accomplished so much. This reflection journal has pages for each day of the week to include a daily affirmation and a word to lead your day. Once your day has winded down there is room to reflect on your thoughts for the day; rate how you felt, what made you happy, what challenged you, how you helped someone, what you could have possibly done differently and one thing (or more) that you learned about yourself. At the end of each week take the time to reflect on all that has occurred in the weekly check-in. Jot down your favorite moments, biggest learnings, and a goal to focus on next week with room for three action steps. Includes a pink ribbon marker so you can easily reference the last page you were writing on.

  2. Classic Grey and Cream Marble 2021 Spilt Spiral Planner

    Keep everything organized for the year ahead with this split spiral grey and cream marble 2021 planner. Planner runs from January 2021 through December 2021. Includes a monthly view and detailed weekly view with room for daily notes as well as a section for note taking at the end of each month. Monthly views also included room for note taking.

  3. Blush & Gold Foil Weekly Reflections Journal

    Stay committed to your personal growth with this beautiful weekly journal. Each page’s layout lets you reflect on the week past. Rate how you woke up feeling, what you were looking forward to each day and three words to describe how you want people to experience you. As you reflect on the week as a whole think about your biggest challenges and triumphs, what you may want to focus on next week, even rate how you were feeling at the weeks end. At the end of the 4 weeks take a time to review your month. There is room to rate your initial thoughts, what you feel was your biggest learning and an area to list things you wish to do more of next month and less of as well. Also, take time to read the weeks past to see the progress you have made, this is a sure way to help keep you motivated and working towards all those beautiful goals.

  4. Speckle & Gold Foil “Feel Your Best” Food & Fitness Journal

    Creating & sticking with new habits can be hard but this food and fitness tracker is designed to help you feel empowered to reach your goals. This journal includes 96 sheets and features a weekly wellness goals page to include what you want to achieve for the week in exercise, food, water intake and your sleep. Additional pages leave room for inspiration doodles as the week progresses & things you want to remember to keep you motivated. Also, includes detailed log pages for each day of the week.

  5. Guided Journals for Fitness, Gratitude and Reflection - 3 Pack

    Track the three main areas in your life that can have the greatest impact on our physical and mental wellbeing with our guided journals. One for your fitness goals, gratitude and daily reflection. Use the fitness journal to create new, healthier habits. Use the gratitude journal to remind yourself why you are grateful for each day. The reflection journal will help you take the time to realize and reflect in each area that can help you achieve overall balance and harmony.

  6. Matte Black & Gold Foil “Goal Getter” Goals Journal

    A goal without a plan is just a wish so, make your goals a reality with this goal getter journal. Page layout includes room for you to create a vision board either with doodles, drawings, stickers or pasting in pictures. There are excavating questions to help you explore how to turn your visions into a reality. Mapping out your future is an exciting first step to making it a reality and these first questions will help you create that roadmap. These questions will help you see what changes may need to happen to accomplish your goals. Next you will break down the goal; how does it fit into your future, what obstacles may you face and how will you overcome. To help you achieve these goals there is room to break down each goal by action steps, remember each small step in the right direction gets you that much closer to your dreams.

  7. Navy & Gold Foil “Everything I Need Is Within Me” Daily Gratitude Journal

    Create an attitude of gratitude with this daily journal. Take time to find things you’re grateful for and ways you can spread some kindness in each day. The layout of this journal is designed to have you sit each day and write down what you are fortunate for, what you are grateful for, ways you will choose kindness and what you are looking forward to the next day. There is also room for you to express joy, maybe with a doodle or writing down your favorite quote. At the end of each week take time to recap your week with prompts to write down a memorable moment, something new you learned, a few happy moments and one idea you’d like to explore further, there also is a notes section to write down anything you found enlightening throughout the week. Includes a yellow ribbon marker so you can easily reference the last page you were writing on.

  8. Bright Watercolor Stripes & Gold Foil Wellness Tracker

    Change your thoughts and you will change your body. Writing down weekly goals can help you stay on track and keep your focus. This bright watercolor journal starts by having you write down three reasons you are committing to this journey, this is located right the beginning of this journal so you can quickly look back at why you are on this journey when times become difficult. Each week starts with you setting overall food, exercise, water and sleep goals. Following pages include charts for each day of the week to track in more detail your meals, water intake, sleep and exercise. There is also room to jot down notes throughout the week. At the end of each week there is room to record non-scale victories, record how you are feeling, achievements and challenges that arose throughout the week. Each week take a look back on the progress you have made and how the challenges you faced one week may be an achievement the next week. Includes a pink ribbon marker so you can easily reference the last page you were writing on.

8 Item(s)

per page