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Wedding Cake Accessories

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  1. Organza Flower Cake Server Set

    Our organza flower cake server set adds a rustic tone to a sweet moment at your reception.


  2. Silver Foil Forever Cake Topper

    The wedding lasts a day, the memories last forever. Our simple, sophisticated cake topper captures the essence of the most special day of your life. 

  3. Silver Glitter Heart Cake Picks

    This set of silver glitter heart cake picks is a cute and glam way to decorate your wedding cake.

  4. Silver Ornate Cake Serving Set

    Cut and serve the cake at your wedding with this beautifully designed set. Post wedding, you can display this silver-colored set in a shadow box, along with other wedding mementos.

  5. Love Is Sweet Serving Set

    Make your wedding cake cutting memorable! Set includes one "FOREVER" cake knife, one "LOVE IS SWEET" cake server, one "BRIDE" fork, and one "GROOM" fork. Made of stainless steel, the elegant design is timeless and will never go out of style. It can serve as a keepsake for the happy couple for years to come. Makes a beautiful gift for the happy couple to use and enjoy on their special day. You can even pull the set out to enjoy with all of your wedding anniversary desserts.

  6. Silver Mr. and Mrs. Cake Topper

    This silver Mr. & Mrs. cake topper adds an elegant touch to the wedding cake. 

  7. Silver Heart and Arrow Cake Topper

    Love is simple; your wedding decorations can be too. Add rustic charm to your reception with our silver heart and arrow cake topper and its twisted wire design. 

  8. LOVE' Silver Glitter Wedding Cake Topper

    This silver glitter cake topper adds a sweet and glam touch to your wedding cake. 

8 Item(s)

per page